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Garage Door Repair, Replacement & Installation

Garage Door Repairs, Replacements & Emergency Services in Maryland

Elite Garage Door Repair and Installation

At ELITE, we live up to our name. We work toward perfection at every job, because we expect the best from every employee. All of our people, from office staff to door technicians, receive comprehensive training in taking care of people. All of our knowledgeable door technicians undergo comprehensive background checks and regular drug testing. We insist on hiring personable employees who are caring and good with people. In every area of our business, from customer service to installation of new doors, our customers must feel confident they are allowing a qualified, honest person into their homes. All of the people we send to you would be welcome into the garages of our own families here in Washington D.C., Gaithersburg, Frederick and other surrounding areas. They are the most qualified people we can find, and we provide them with constant training. Our technicians are all familiar with the latest repair and installation techniques, updated technologies, and safety requirements for every make and model of garage doors. We are up-to-date on all of the newest advances in overhead openers, remotes, and spring and track systems. The reason we can call ourselves Elite is the quality of our work and the professionalism of our people.

We offer only the highest quality doors, openers, gates, and parts

Elite manages to maintain competitive pricing without cutting corners or installing low-quality parts. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing every garage door and every gate, and use the highest-quality new parts for their repairs. By keeping many of these parts on their company trucks, they can repair most problems in their first visit. Many companies buy parts only when they've diagnosed your problem, causing you to make two appointments. But we want to promise more than a quick fix. That's why we repair or replace your door with materials that will last. Many of our competitors are only interested in making a fast buck, and they often keep their prices low by using fewer quality parts. We never operate in that way. When you go with Elite, you can be confident that you are investing in the best quality garage doors, parts, openers and springs.

Garage Door repairs are not safe for do-it-yourself projects

Many people believe they can fix anything, with the help of the Internet. Although this is true for many home projects, it is not safe to attempt garage door repairs. All garage door springs require service and installation by knowledgeable experts. Springs require extremely high tension, and specific winding bars are required. Purchasing the new tools you need can be more expensive than calling an expert to do the repair. Garage openers can also present extremely dangerous consequences for homeowner repairs. For one thing, every garage is unique, and instructions on a box can't offer advice on installing an overhead opener for a door with low headroom. Even budget repairs by poorly or untrained employees from other companies can cause damage to your home itself, and to anything under them or around them, including cars and people. Our service providers are trained to do it right, the first time. You will also receive lifetime warrantees. Knowing we did it right is how we sleep at night. It's all part of living up to our name--ELITE.

24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repair

Your garage door is most likely to give out while you are using it. Unfortunately, openers, springs and other parts usually decide to quit when you're trying to open your garage door to get your kids to a soccer game, or when you're on your way to work or school in the morning. Many of our customers are unable to wait for a garage door repair person to reach them, or to fit them in on a later date. We understand that you need a garage door repair company that can get to you and fix your door right away. Also, a broken garage door might not only be preventing you from leaving your home. Thieves can easy access your home if your door is unsecured. Your convenience and safety come first for Elite--that's why we offer 24/7 emergency services for homeowners who find themselves in difficult or dangerous situations. Elite technicians always respond to calls as quickly as possible. We want you to put all of your garage door difficulties behind you right away, and get back to your busy life. We also want you and your MD home to be safe, and to provide you with peace of mind, knowing your door is securely closed, protecting your family and your belongings.

New & Custom Garage Doors

Your house can be transformed by a new garage door. Installation of a new door also adds considerable value to your home by improving curb-appeal. Door manufacturers now provide many new options beyond the standard overhead door. For example, Carriage House doors come in a variety of styles, and are manufactured by various companies. This increase in competition in the market allows us to install the new door you want at the best possible price. If you are looking for a more modern door, such as a full-view or steel door, Elite can provide you with that option, as well. Practical, environmentally-conscious homeowners in Washington DC, Gaithersburg, Frederick and other areas in MD can also choose from many varieties of energy-efficient doors that will reduce Our high energy bills. Elite garage doors can turn your home into a stand out on your block, just by changing your door. Even our most basic new overhead models offer you an attractive, reliable door that works with your budget. Regardless of what you are looking for, Elite's trusted suppliers have a model that fits your needs. When you have a design in mind, we can make your vision a reality. This website also offers creative design services to help you create the exact door you want for your home. Elite is available to offer you professional help in finding or designing the one and only new door that's just right for your home.

Elite offers you all of our services in most metropolitan areas in MD. Thanks to our outstanding customer service and high customer-satisfaction ratings, we continue to grow and expand in Maryland!

Automatic Garage Door Openers

Garage Door Openers: Repair or Replacement?

Garage door openers repair installation

An unavoidable fact about garage door openers is that they don't last forever. At some point, every opener must be replaced. The question isn't just when, but who? It's hard to make a major decision about what is essentially a home appliance when you have no experience with the item. We are here to help! Elite is able to install or repair garage door openers from the most trusted manufacturers. We also are happy to provide you with new remotes, and to assist you with reprogramming your car's system, along with all other remote entry methods. Most homeowners choose to have their existing openers repaired, but, unfortunately, not all motors can be fixed, and when openers reach a certain age, we are prohibited from working on them. When this occurs, your safety is our greatest concern. Elite's expert technicians will advise you about whether you will be safest repairing your opener, or installing a new, more capable model. Keep in mind that, beyond the important safety concerns, many of the newer openers offer exciting new features and technology updates that you and your family will enjoy.

Elite Opener Installations and Replacements

Many of the new opener models we install now utilize new technologies. Two things you might consider shopping for:

1. Quiet Operation - Newer models can be much quieter than openers manufactured in the past. You will realize immediately how pleasant a quiet opener can be.

2. Smartphone Capability - Today, we rely on our smart phones for everything. Even your garage door opener can be accessed from your cell phone. When you are enjoying a vacation, you will be able to use your phone to open and close your garage door! This new feature can be particularly useful if you have a household emergency when you are traveling. Consider being able to allow a plumber to enter your home without having to trust them with your house key. That's right--no more slipping a key under your doormat for your dog walker! You can also be notified whenever someone opens your garage door, whether you're home or not. You will know when your kids come and go. Smart phone technology also alerts you if your door is left open after you leave. 'Ghost' openings, where your overhead door opens by itself, can happen due to something surprisingly simple. For example, an out-of-place box blocking your door's photo eyes can cause your garage door to reverse and remain up after you've already driven away, leaving your house and possibly your loved ones at risk.

At Elite, our technicians can be trusted to repair and install all current overhead opener brands, including LiftMaster, Marantec, Genie, and Linear, and to know when your motor can be fixed, or when it absolutely has to be replaced. These are the openers we install, as well, and are the best possible options in the garage door industry. We count on these brands because Elite offers only the highest-quality parts. Whether you prefer to have us repair your garage door opener, or if you are shopping for the newest models with the most innovative and updated technology advances, Elite is the company in Maryland you can trust to do the best job. As we work at your home, our technicians can also program your various technologies to work with your existing or new opener. Our experts will work with your car or cell phone and teach you how to use them during your replacement appointment. No separate visit will be necessary. You can rely on Elite to offer excellent, five-star service, and warrantees on every sale and service we provide.

Best Residential & Commercial Gates and Gate Openers

Elite does not only offer the highest-quality garage door repair and replacement services in DC, Gaithersburg, and Frederick--we also provide quality service and sales for all gates and gate motors. Installing a new gate can help make your home secure, and can increase your home's value. Whether you are looking to install a new gate for your home or business, or need an existing gate repaired, we are able to offer the finest in sales and services. Elite puts as much care and professionalism into our gates as we do our garage doors. Contact us today to learn more about installing a gate, and for all your residential and commercial gate service needs. We offer

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Swing Gates
  • Sliding Gates
  • Gate Openers
  • Same-day Service
  • Free Estimates
  • Expert Gate Repair

Commercial Overhead Garage Doors & Rolling Steel

Elite is proud not just to offer every residential garage and gate service option. We also provide service and installations of new or existing commercial doors and openers. This service is provided with our five-star professionalism and great attention to detail. We will hurry to get your business up and running. We offer:

  • Commercial Openers
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Same Day Service
  • Expert Repair

Call us to get a quote on commercial doors and openers in Washington D.C., Gaithersburg, and Frederick.

Garage Door Safety

At Elite Garage Door Repair, your safety is our number-one concern. We educate every customer in the best safe practices for owning and operating their garage doors and gates. Safety advice can be found in the Door Do's and Dont's here on our website. Now we are pleased to inform you about a new technology advance in overhead door openers that has made our list of best safe choices: openers that offer battery backup.

With the occurrence of extreme weather, you will most likely experience a power outage, perhaps lasting for days. If your power goes out, you will want an opener with battery backup installed that allows you to continue using your garage door opener. This new technology came into use because of the deadly wildfires that sometimes rage through California. During the tragic California fires in the past few years, people who lost power to their homes became trapped in their garages. Some people even lost their lives. California State Senator Bill Dodd was one of the people trapped in his home, because he could not manually open his heavy overhead wooden garage door. After this terrifying and life-threatening personal experience, Senator Dodd introduced a bill making battery backups for new garage door openers mandatory in all homes in California. On August 16, 2018 the Garage Door Safety Bill passed with wide bipartisan support. Cheryl Diehm, a Santa Rosa resident who testified before lawmakers about her own harrowing personal experience offered this remark: "Make no mistake -- this legislation will help save lives."

In Maryland, floods, snowstorms, and other extreme weather crises can cause prolonged power outages. If a similar life-saving law ever takes affect in your state, when you have a new opener installed, you will be required to buy a battery backup operator. Why not go ahead and consider this valuable safety feature for your family's home right now? If you are interested in finding out about battery backups, we would happy to tell you more. Give us a call today!