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Garage Door Overhaul

Garage doors are hard to miss (after all, they are almost the size of an entire wall of your home). This is why garage doors are sometimes referred to as “second front doors.” Homeowners are right to worry about how their garage doors look; ugly or damaged garage doors can detract from your home’s natural curb appeal and in extreme cases may even lower the actual value of your home.

Of course, just because a garage door looks like its seen better days doesn’t mean that its days are actually numbered. If we were in the business of replacing every faded, rusty, or dented garage door in Maryland, we would stay very busy indeed. Fortunately, we can give your old garage door a complete makeover without the hassle or expense of purchasing and installing a brand-new garage door. This is called a garage door overhaul, and Elite Garage Doors and Gates is the leading garage door makeover provider in Maryland.

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What is a Garage Door Makeover?

Day in and day out, year after year, humid summer after bitter winter, garage doors take a beating. As if the elements weren’t enough to contend with, garage doors also take a beating from kids playing hoops in the driveway, cars backing into them, and countless other daily abuses.

Our experienced and highly-trained technicians can address all of your specific garage door needs. By considering the age and condition of your garage door and garage door opener, our pros can custom-design a complete garage door overhaul that will turn back the clock on how your garage door looks, sounds, and runs. If you want to improve the look and performance of your garage door, start by calling Maryland’s premier garage door overhauler: Elite Garage Doors and Gates.

At Elite, we want to provide you with exceptional service and the best warranties in the industry. That is why all of our replacement parts not only offer quality; they are made from commercial-grade materials, which means long-lasting dependability. This service comes with our full guarantee on all parts and labor. You won’t believe the transformation that our premier garage door overhaul service can have on your garage!

Garage door makeovers are available throughout Maryland. From Germantown to Gaithersburg, Waldorf to Washington DC, Silver Spring to Rockville (oh, and Bethesda and Walford, too) Elite is here to provide exceptional garage door makeover services for homeowners across the state.