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  • Comfort 300 series

    The ultimate in comfort and efficiency

    Comfort 360, 370 and 380 - our highlights in white. The patented blueline technology reduces energy use to virtually nil whenever the opener is not in use while, at the same time, the innovative speed function operates the door at high speed, in both opening and closing directions. Modern LED lighting makes for maximum brightness in the garage.

  • Comfort 200 series

    Leaves nothing to be desired

    Our Comfort 260, 270 and 280 garage door openers are real classics. Now in their fifth generation, they still continue to impress with their door-friendly control, and their resulting long life and energy efficiency. Classic lighting has now been superseded by modern LED technology. 

  • Comfort 260 accu

    The battery powered opener

    Comfort 260 accu makes you independent of a mains power supply. The high-quality rechargeable battery supplies your opener with energy for a sizeable length of time. The battery charge is continuously displayed, and the battery alerts you in good time when it needs to be recharged. The battery can be easily disconnected and recharged at any conventional power point. The battery unit can alternatively be connected to a modern solar panel to enable the battery to recharge using sunlight.